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Mercat Mallorca

Bio and vegan...

...made of plant-based row material from Mallorca

We produce tasty spreads and sweet jams or marmelades without the use of animal ingredients. We only use local fruits, sustainablely grown and certified as biological products. As our headquarter is located in the Tramuntana valley of Sóller, we live in the midst of almond plantations, orange gardens and olive groves. As a consequence, these row materials are the most important ingredients for the foods we produce.


Perfect combination: dried tomatos, almonds, olive oil

Almonds, tomatoes, olive oil and spicy paprika - biological products only!

The small and crunchy biological almonds contain important minerals such as magnesium, calcium and copper and important vitamins such as B and E (source: Spanish database of the ingredients of foods). Especially, if one follows a purely plant-based diet, almonds are a source of mono-and polysatured fats as well as of plant-based protein.
And olive oil is rich in vitamins A and E as well as rich in unsaturated fats.

Bio-certified tomatoes that are harvested from the Mallorcan fields, are dried gently and  they are made into our tasty Dip i Fet Tomate spread with almonds, olive oil, salt and the typical and spicy Mallorcan paparika called Pepre Cirereta afterwards.

A fruity and intense tomato-taste improved by a nutty note of freshly ground almonds which is harmonically combined with soft olive oil and spicy paprika-condiment.

That's the taste of the Mediterranean nature.


Typisch für die Mittelmeerländer: Knoblauchcreme

Attention garlic!

In Mallorca, the traditional garlicsauce Alliolil was made of garlic, olive oil and salt. To smoothen the consistency a little bit eggs were later added or even mayonnaise. Our garlicsauce only contains olive oil, sunflower oil, salt, lemon juice and a lot of garlic. To make sure that the consistency stays spreadable, we use Xanthan, a vegan biological product that is permitted as thickening agent.
The popular Allioli is served in each restaurant as a starter or to dip your bread or your vegetables.  The name is assembled of All (=ajo, garlic) i (and) Oli (olive oil).

Those who love garlic, should definitely sample our Allioli.

ALLIOLI garlic cream, ORGANIC, Fet a Sóller

5,45 €

Dip i Fet Organic Allioli (Garlic Cream) spicy

5,45 €

"Verderol" Extra virgrin organic olive oil D.O. 500ml

11,95 €

6x Galmés i Ribot Margalida blanc Vi de la Terra Mallorca organic white wine

54,95 €

Mallorcafruits Organic Roasted Almonds 400g

9,50 €

Dip i Fet vegan spread with dried tomato and almond

5,95 € 4,75 €

Son Moragues Bio Olivenöl Virgen Extra D.O. 500ml

49,95 €

Fruity Bio jams and marmelades

"Fet a Sóller" Bio fig jam 225g

4,30 €

Syrup Organic orange sirup

5,20 €

Organic lemon syrup

5,20 €

"Fet a Sóller" Organic Mandarine syrup

5,95 €

Biological almonds from Mallorca

Mallorcafruits Organic Roasted Almonds 400g

9,50 €

"Mallorcafruits" Raw blanched organic almonds 400g

9,50 €

"Camp Mallorquí" organic sweet almond toasted 400g

9,50 €

"Camp Mallorquí" organic almond raw unpeeled 400g

9,50 €

"Camp Mallorquí" Organic Almond Raw Peeled 400g

9,50 €

"Camp Mallorquí" organic almond sweet raw ground 400g

9,25 €

"Moix" Organic fig bread with almonds

6,95 €

"Camp Mallorquí" organic almond sweet chopped 400g

9,70 €
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