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Mercat Mallorca

Jams and marmelades - handmade

Handmade with only a small portion of sugar

Jams and syrups of the brand Fet a Sóller are produced in Sóller in the institute callled Estel Nou which is an institute for disabled people.


Estel Nou Jam Production

About 60 people with an handicap find work at the "Taller occupacional Estel Nou" giving them hope to lead a satisfying and fulfilled life. Estel Nou has been a competent and reliable partner for more than 20 years when it comes to the production of jams, marmelades and syrups. Moreover, they have been producing jams, marmelades and syrups of biological quality for some years.

The fruits are traditionally and manually prepared for their processing, cooked and bottled. Even the etiquettes are manually stuck on the jars.


Freshly picked oranges are prepared for their processing

Natural ingredients

We only use fully grown fruits from the Mallorcan gardens.  Apart from the typical south fruits such as oranges, mandarins, lemons, figs and melons , strawberries, apricots and peaches are popular fruits as well to be made into jams. The chef of Estel Nou uses natural ingredients and keeps, in this way, the fruity taste in these first-class jams.


Lemon jam with natural colouring

Only a little bit of sugar!

Apart from fruit, sugar and lemon juice used for the preservation, these jams and syrups do not contain any other ingredient. And the workers of Estel Nou are really thrifty when it comes to sugar. All our fruit products only contain as much sugar as we need to guarantee a constant product reliability. This content was set.

Even the coulouring is natural. The jam gets its coulour from the coulour pigments of the fruit.


This is going to be a really tasty tomato marmelade

The amount of biological fruits is quite low in Mallorca, but oranges, lemons and figs are already biologically grown and made into jams. All of our syrups are also produced at the institute Estel Nou and are of biological quality.

We are especially proud of the tomato jam produced by Estel Nou which is a rather unknown product in Central Europe and which tastes great. Not only on a slice of bread, but also with cheese, roasted meat and vegetables and as chutney. 

Citrus in a bottle - Sweet and sour jams

"Fet a Sóller" Orange marmelade Family pack 1225g

10,50 €

"Fet a Sóller" Clementine jam

3,55 €

MultiPack Jam & Marmalade 4x40g

6,95 €

"Fet a Sóller" Orange marmalade 500g

5,95 € 4,95 €

"O-lala" Lemon jam with tangerine peel 230gr

4,45 €

"O-lala" Orange jam with ginger 230g

4,45 €

"Fet a Sóller" Bitter orange marmelade

3,85 €

"Fet a Sóller" Lemon marmalade 225gr

3,55 €

Freshly cooked - Fruity jams

"Fet a Sóller" Fig jam 225g

4,20 €

"Fet a Sóller" orange marmalade 225g

3,95 € 3,45 €

"Fet a Sóller" Fig jam family size 1225g

10,75 €

"Fet a Sóller" Fig jam 500g

6,95 €

"Fet a Sóller" Strawberry jam 225g

3,80 €

"Fet a Sóller" Tomato jam

3,85 €

"Fet a Sóller" Pomegranate jam

4,35 €

"Fet s Sóller" Sour Pomegranate Sauce 225g

5,85 €
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