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Mercat Mallorca

The olive Mallorquina only grows in Mallorca!


This olive descends from the wild olive tree

Studies carried out by the University of the Balearic Islands have already detected in 2011 that the olive Mallorquina differed a lot from other olives growing in the Mediterranean area in its chemical composition and its organoleptic characteristics. On the one hand, this is due to the specy of plant as the Mallorquina olive has a close affinity to the wild ollive treee and on the other hand, it's due to the maritime climate, the soil and the natural fertilizer of the goats and sheeps; these factors make the Mallorquina olives incomparable. 

The Mallorquina olive

  • big, plump, really fruity
  • a high polyphenol content and a high unsaturated fats content
  • a high oil content
  • checked quality
  • unique taste and aroma
  • matures in the tree
  • only grows in Mallorca

A unique taste

The Mallorquina has a taste that is a bit more intense and has a bitter nuance, those are characteristics that people like a lot about the pickled olives. These characteristics result from the high content in polyphenol and the high content in unsaturated fats. At the same time, the taste of the Mallorquina olive is dominated by a light sweetness  that resembles almonds. Those unique characteristics of the olives are protected and checked by the certificat of origin D.O.P Oliva de Mallorca. This way one guarantees that the pickled olives maintain their typical Mallorcan characteristics and that they are always delivered in the same and constant quality.

Tradition and culture

Olive trees characterize the landscape of the Tramuntana region in the north-west of the island. During the Arabic occupation, the steep slopes were transformed into agricultural space of land with the help of drystone walls and terraces. Moreover, they were provided with watercourses for the irrigation. These historic conditions are still used today and contributed to the receipt of the title of world cultural heritage Tramuntana as the combinaison of delivered tradition and modern cultivation make this mountain region a fascinating cultural scenery. With their work and the olive oil, the olive farmers contribute to the future maintenance of the unique cultural scene. The olives are picked by hand or with a little tractor as the terraces are narrow and are planted irregularly. Due to these facts, harvester machines cannot be used here.

Pickled olives

The harvest season of the small green olives starts in October/November, this is when the olive is green and is made into oil or it is filled into glasses with herbs and brine. Some fruits stay in the tree until they get literally and naturally black. These black olives are pickled in some olive oil.

The olives trencadas are typical of Mallorca. The fruits are cracked before they are pickled, this way the bitter stock gets easier into the pulp.


"Olis Sóller" Green olives -Senceres- from Mallorca D.O.P. 200g

3,95 €

"Olis Sóller" Green Olives -Trencadas- from Mallorca D.O.P.

3,99 €

Majorcan black olives D.O.P. - 200g

4,95 €

Son Mesquidassa green olives Trencades from Mallorca D.O.P. 200g

4,60 €

Son Mesquidassa green olives Trencades from Mallorca D.O.P. 550G

8,65 €

Son Mesquidassa Green Olives Senceres

8,65 €
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