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Mercat Mallorca

Honey & Syrups

Almond blossom honey

Pure almond blossom honey. Soft in taste with a fine-bitter note, shimmering dark amber in the glass. 100% natural, without additives. A honey with a soft taste with a bitter note which is amber-coloured.
9,99 €
500g glas

"Es Begot" honey 500g

This honey is collected from the beehives in Spain. A pure natural artesan product, intense in aroma and pleasantly sweet.
9,95 €
500ml jar

"Es Begot" honey 200g

Pure honey from diligent Spanish bees, produced with appreciation and consideration of the natural living conditions of the bees.
6,95 €
200g jar

"Ferrerico" rosemary honey

Single variety, real honey of rosemary flowers, 100% natural, without additives. Soft in taste with a fine bitter note, shimmering like amber in the glass.
9,90 €
500g Glass

"Ferrerico" Orange blossom honey

Pure honey of orange blossoms, raw. Glows orange in the glass with a delicate fragrance of orange blossoms
9,90 €
500 gr glass

"Ferrerico" blossom honey -a thousand flowers-

The sun of the Mediterranean gives nature a rich, diverse flora. Our honey "Miel de Mil Flores" is a pure blossom honey, pleasantly intense in taste.
9,90 €
500 gr glass

Syrup Organic orange sirup

Made from organic oranges and organic lemon juice from the Sóller valley, without preservatives: fruity aromatic syrup, as a drink, for quark, yoghurt or muesli or for creative cooking.
5,20 €
Bottle 250ml

Organic lemon syrup

Made from juice and small pieces of organic lemons from the valley of Sóller, without preservatives. The syrup tastes really lemony... diluted in a glass or in dessert.
5,20 €
Bottle 250ml

"Fet a Sóller" Organic Mandarine syrup

With the intense, fully aromatic taste of mallorcan mandarins.
5,95 €
310 ml Bottle
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