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Mercat Mallorca

Fresh fruit from Mallorca

Oranges 1kg

Natural oranges of the season, freshly harvested from Sóller, hand-picked. The skin is suitable for consumption.
2,20 € 1,80 €
1kg bag

Mixed Box, fruit and vegetables for 1 or 2 people

A fresh selection of seasonal fruit and vegetables. Less quantity but more variety so you can enjoy a healthy and balanced diet. The content depends on the season but it cointains products such as oranges, potatoes, carrots, bananas, tomatoes, eggplant... Ideal for 1 or 2 people. Aprox. wheight 4.5-5kgr
12,95 €
Aprox 4,5-5kg

Banana from Canary islands

World's famous banana from Canary Islands. Fresh and very aromatic bananas. Specially recommended to eat by natural, for muesli, dessert, banana cake...
1,95 €
1 Kg

"Fuji" apple 1kg

"Fuji" apple 1kg
3,35 €

Conference pear

Small but very tasty. The Conference pear has mild but highly aromatic flavour. Good for salads and very common in deserts.
3,15 €

Valencia Oranges 10kg box

Natural oranges from "Valencia" variety harvested in Sóller, fresh from the tree. Particularly sweet and juicy with food and juices. The skin is edible.
15,95 €
10kg box

Lemons 1kg

Natural lemons from Sóller, fresh from the tree. Peel grated to use as a flavor or freeze for later.
2,60 € 1,95 €
1kg bag

Lemons 10kg box

Natural lemons from Sóller, freshly picked. The edible peel is a flavouring substance, the white portion under the peel contains a lot of natural pectin and is perfekt to make jam out of it.
19,95 € 16,95 €
10kg box

Peret Oranges, 1kg bag

The "peret" orange is a variety that can be used to make juice or to be eaten by itself. Is has a long durability.
2,20 €
1kg bag

Peret Oranges 10kg box

Natural edible and juice orange, freshly harvested, edible peel. Sweet, juicy and sparkling. Easy to store. The Peret Orange is only found in the valley of Sóller.
15,95 €
10kg box

Melon – Melón Piel de Sapo

Melon, sun-ripened in Mallorca. Fruity-sweet, firm flesh, keeps well chilled. Particularly delicious in smoothie or finely seasoned with ham.
2,95 €

Water melon

Natural watermelons sun-ripened in Mallorca. fresh, sweet thirst-quencher, low in calories. Also tastes good as a drink or with cheese.
2,65 €

Mango (unit)

One of the most exotic and sweetest fruits.
Approx weight per piece 450gr
5,45 €
1 piece


Highly digestive and with very low calories. The pinneapple very rich in fiber and very healthy for our bodies
4,95 €
1 piece

Nectarina 1kg

Fruta veraniega, jugosa, de pulpa firme y muy sabrosa y refrescante
2,45 €
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