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Mercat Mallorca

Fresh vegetables

Mixed Box, fruit and vegetables for 1 or 2 people

A fresh selection of seasonal fruit and vegetables. Less quantity but more variety so you can enjoy a healthy and balanced diet. The content depends on the season but it cointains products such as oranges, potatoes, carrots, bananas, tomatoes, eggplant... Ideal for 1 or 2 people. Aprox. wheight 4.5-5kgr
12,95 €
Aprox 4,5-5kg

Mercat Mallorca green box

Mercat Mallorca green box with the vegetables that you need: eggplant, white onion zucchini, potatoes, carrots, leek, stringed tomatoes and "bola" tomatoes
14,95 €
1 box, 6,3kg of…

Freshly harvested potatoes from Mallorca

Mallorca freshly harvested potatoes from integrated cultivation. Yellow, fleshy and waxy potatoes, suitable for salads, can be eaten as waxy potato or jacket potato. Small to average size.
1,30 €
1kg bag

BIO white potato, 1kg

BIO white potato from Mallorca, 1kg
1,70 €


Freshly harvested zucchini from Mallorca. Use them to prepare soups and creams or just
taste them grilled with some salt and olive oil. They are also a main ingredient of the "Tumbet mallorquín"
1,50 €
1kg bag

Raf tomato

Thick tomato from Mallorca, especially "tomato" in taste, slightly sweet. For salads or as a base for sauces.
2,15 €
1kg box


Freshly harvested carrots to eat them in many ways, even raw.
1,25 €
1kg bag

Letucce buds x3 tray

Letucce buds x3 tray
1,75 €

White onions

White onions from Mallorca, especially mild. Long storable. For cooking, roasting and salad, e.g. the Mallorcan Trampó.
1,90 €
1kg bag


Fresch artichokes with many healthy properties for the human body. Very typical in many mediterranean recipes.
4,50 €
1kg bag


The eggplant is a highly used vegetable in the mediterranean cuisine. It is a very important ingredient in the "Tumbet Mallorquin" a traditional recipe from the island
1,40 €
1kg bag

Mild white pepper "mallorquin"

Medium sized, tender and light-green coloured peppers, the "Majorcan peppers" are ideal for raw consumption, since they are very digestible. Very popular as a side dish to "Pa amb oli" and paella. It is also an ingredient of the tasty and fresh salad called "Trampó" which is made with tomatoes, White onions and these peppers. Like tomatoes, onions and other summer vegetables, peppers are very tasty sautéed in olive oil or grilled.
2,30 €

Red Peppers

Red peppers from the fertile gardens of Mallorca, which adds color to the food. Rich in vitamin C and important minerals and vital substances.
2,95 €
1kg bag

Garlic bulbs

Garlic from Mallorca used in most of mediterranean recipes to give its particular flavour and aroma.
1,35 €
4 Bulbs - ca.…


Mallorquin cucumber freshly harvested, ideal to prepare salds and cold soups such as "gazpacho"
1,50 €
1kg bag

Leek 800gr

Ingredient that exist in a wide range of mediterranean dishes, from "empanadas" to soups and creams.
1,60 €

Egg tomatoes

Freshly harvested and sun-ripened egg tomatoes. This is what tomatoes are supposed to taste like. For salads, tomato sauce or simply pure on the bread.
1,65 €
1kg bag

Tomate bola

Medium size tomato, ideal for salads, cold dishes or to prepare "gazpacho". Highly aromatic
1,95 €
1kg bag

Ramallet tomatoes

Freshly harvested ramallet tomatoes in Mallorca. This is the tomato used for the mallorquin "Pa amb Oli" with olive oil on a slice of bread or it can also be used for sauces and rice dishes.
2,60 €
1kg bag

Sweet potato

The sweet potato is a very versatile ingredient that can be fried or oven cooked and can be used as a side dish for some meat or a hamburguer or eaten just with some sugar or honey on top as a desert.
3,45 €
1kg box

Tomato, Daniela variety

Tomato, Daniela variety
1,55 €


The pumpkin of light orange flesh, tastes slightly sweet and buttery.
1,50 €
1 piece

Small Fry Padrón Peppers

Fresh, spicy green peppers for frying. Add garlic and olive oil to the pan. For the popular tapa at home.
2,45 €
Tray of 500 gr
1,20 €
4,45 €
1,5kg piece
2,95 €
2-2.5kg piece

Green beans 1/2kg

Fresh green beans from Mallorca, very useful for many mediterranean recipes
2,70 €

BIO Ginger 120g

Fresh and spicy ginger, very healthy and with tons of good benefits for your body
1,99 €
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