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Mercat Mallorca


Death by chocolate CAKE

The name says it all. Twin deep chocolate biscuit filled with chocolate fudge and black chocolate topping. 18 portions
25,95 € 19,45 €
2350gr unit

Banana and chocolate fudge CAKE

Sweet chocolate flavor with a little banana touch. 18 portions
32,50 € 24,35 €
3100gr unit

Chocolate and caramel cookies CAKE

A perfect cake with chocolate and cookies with a light banana flavor. 18 portions
29,95 € 22,45 €
2800gr unit

"GATÓ" typical mallorcan desert. Almond cake

"Gató" typical mallorcan desert. Almond cake
14,95 €

Apple, walnut and almond PIE

Juicy apples, smashed almond and caramelized walnuts. The traditional grandmom recipe, a real pleasure for you palate.
Ready in the owen in 15 minutes.
Tip. serve it when it is still hot
9,95 €
1100gr unit


Puff and crunchy pastry with juicy apples, ready in 45 min.
Call your friends to come home!
5,50 €
600gr unit

Blueberry and chocolate CAKE

Spongy chocolate and blueberry base with vanilla topping and crumble.
Ready in the microvawe in 15 min
9,95 €
900gr unit


Lots of tasty stawberries on top of a fresh cheese cream and a crumble base.
9,95 €
900gr unit

Sacher CAKE

A dream for the chocolate lovers. The widely known austrian cake with a lot of chocolate and apricot marmalade.
18,95 €
1kg unit

"GATÓ" with almond ice cream

"Gató" with almond ice cream, typical mallorquin desert
22,95 €
2x500ml ice…

Carrot CAKE

The authentic carrot cake. Three sponge cake layers with cheese cream amb nuts. Aromatic cinnamon flavor with a small ginger touch. 18 portions
23,95 € 17,95 €
2300gr unit.


Creamy and sweet cake with a touch of cheese cream
22,95 € 17,20 €
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